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Bridging the educational divide though gamified and multi-lingual technologies.

For Parents and Learners

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Videos, Games & Digital Books

Ambani.Africa is your premier edutainment platform! Explore a world of knowledge and fun with our wide range of videos, games, and books designed to engage young minds from ages 2 to 8. With content available in multiple languages, including isiZulu, Sesotho, and Swahili, we're making learning a truly inclusive experience.

Augmented Reality Books

Ambani works with Augmented Reality to make learning fun and experiential. It is as simple as buying a set of books from us, downloading the FREE AMBANI AFRICA App on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or the Huawei App Gallery. When you view the books through the app on your phone, they COME ALIVE in 3D!


Available languages on the app are isiZulu, isiXhosa, Setswana, Sepedi, Tshivenda, and English​.


Teachers and School

Ambani.Africa offers a dedicated Teachers Section, where you'll find a treasure trove of resources to supercharge your classroom. Our interactive lesson plans are designed to engage and educate young minds effectively. Plus, as part of your subscription, you gain access to our immersive augmented reality book set and captivating class posters.


Elevate your teaching experience with Ambani.Africa and empower your students to learn and grow in exciting new ways!


For Organisations

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We strongly believe in collaboration, pride ourselves in our award-winning ability to deliver technology development and will continue to nurture our design & integration footprint. 

Ambani Africa offers language-centered back-end and front-end EdTech solutions for the educational ecosystem. Our technology, design and integration offerings are customised and implemented to meet your organisational objectives.

Our Partners

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Our Content Partners


'We've received a note in Themba's  IsiZulu book, the teacher acknowledging the improvement in class, my son can now read Isizulu beautifully, he can also spell and I cannot thank you enough! 


'My son, who is on the spectrum, is obsessed with the games, he practices the animals every day and his speech is improving!'


'I really enjoyed using the App as a parent and my kids had more fun and loved the songs. My three kids now test each other's knowledge of who can count, remember body parts and animals. Wow! Thank goodness for Ambani. We can now preserve our heritage.'

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